Emergency Medical Services


EMS Narcotics Tracking - Schedule2.IT


We are proud of this extemely innovative product created by our subsidiary corporation - Sapience.IT. This product gives EMS agencies around the United States the ability to electronically & accurately track, manage and report their Schedule2 narcotics that are dispensed from their ambulances by EMTs and Paramedics. The product utilizes the latest technologies in bar-code scanning and fingerprint biometrics. 


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HERO’s (Helping Emergency Responders Obtain Support) is a program through the Florida Department of Health, that provides emergency responders with emergency opioid antagonist medications.

In 2017, Governor Rick Scott issued statewide Executive Order Number 17-146 (and extended by Governor Ron DeSantis in Executive Order Number 19-36) authorizing current and active Florida pharmacies to dispense Naloxone. Incorporated in the order is the expectation that the SAMHSA Opioid Overdose Prevention Toolkit be followed by all emergency responders.

The HERO’s dashboard allows for all applicable data associated with these Executive Orders to be electronically tracked throughout Florida - spanning from budget information, approval and processing - to individual doses of Naloxone by first responders.