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Financial Administrator

Position Description


  • Overall Expectations

  1. B.S. Degree in Accounting, Finance or Business Administration

  2. Accounting and/or QuickBooks proficiency

  3. Excellent writing, organization, and communication skills

  4. Consistent attendance


  • Duties

  1. Processing monthly payroll for 25+ employees and paying associated liabilities.

  2. Processing and organization of employee personnel documents.

  3. Coordinating with Product Owners to ensure employee timesheets are up to date.

  4. Helping employees set up insurance and retirement investment accounts.

  5. Completing monthly, quarterly, and end of year tax processes with the help of our external accountants.

  6. Management of accounts payable and accounts receivable.

  7. Invoicing of consulting and hosting services.

  8. Producing various QuickBooks reports such as Profit and Loss, Corporate Metrics, AR Aging Summary Reports, Reconciliation Summaries, etc.

  9. Maintaining vendor relationships and coordinating services as needed.

  10. Assisting in recruiting/hiring processes.

  11. Answering of office phones.

  12. Maintaining office and kitchen supplies as needed.

  13. Planning and organizing quarterly staff meetings with executive management.

  14. Miscellaneous tasks such as scanning documents, restocking supplies, and keeping things tidy around the office.


  • Compensation

  1. Paid hourly position along with all benefits outlined in the Personnel Policy for full-time employees.

  • Goals

  1. Effectively/efficiently manage all financial aspects of corporation(s)

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