Pharmaceutical Forms System

Our PFS system is utilized by every County Health Department in the State of Florida.

For the last ten years, PCG has been working closely with the Florida Department of Health, Bureau of Public Health Pharmacy, on the implementation and statewide rollout of the web-based Pharmaceutical Forms System (“PFS”). This secure system facilitates efficient pharmaceutical and medical supply ordering, tracking, fulfillment, bar-code generation, and inventory reconciliation.  PFS provides considerable, long-term value to the State of Florida and its residents. The security, accountability, and financial controls over all BPHP inventory lines have dramatically increased from the utilization of PFS.

PFS major modules include:​

  • Nurse Issuance

  • Inventory Management 

  • Inventory Quarantine Tracking

  • Budget Allocation

  • Refill Home Delivery

  • Medicaid Reimbursement

  • Pharmaceutical Repacking

  • Graphs & Reports

AHCA SunFocus 

This AHCA Medicaid module of our SunFocus financial system is a high transaction tracking module used to manage approx. $700 million dollars in Medicaid funds for the State of Florida weeklyThe project involved working with AHCA to convert complicated manual practices and legacy systems to a secure, comprehensive, and streamlined web-based solution that facilitates the management of Medicaid transactions.  It incorporates best practices for the Agency, external partners, and the Federal government.   

The system contains automated interfaces to FLAIR and FMMIS.


HERO’s (Helping Emergency Responders Obtain Support) is a program through the Florida Department of Health, that provides emergency responders with emergency opioid antagonist medications.

In 2017, Governor Rick Scott issued statewide Executive Order Number 17-146 (and extended by Governor Ron DeSantis in Executive Order Number 19-36) authorizing current and active Florida pharmacies to dispense Naloxone. Incorporated in the order is the expectation that the SAMHSA Opioid Overdose Prevention Toolkit be followed by the emergency responders.

The HERO’s dashboard allows for all applicable data to be tracked- spanning from budget info, approval and processing, to individual doses of the Naloxone by first responders.

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