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Coraluzzo - New Jersey

Coraluzzo Petroleum Transporters is the largest fuel hauling company operating along the US east coast. Over the years, PCG has worked collaboratively with this company to develop and implement an integrated enterprise web and mobile application that increases fuel loading automation, efficiency and hazard avoidance.  

Throughout their fleet of 600 trucks, Coraluzzo drivers now utilize the dynamic native mobile app, to quickly capture and digitize fuel dispensing information rather than penciling in paper forms which were previously all manually processed.

The mobile application, with integrated GPS, electronically performs fuel loading safety checks to ensure sufficient space exists before loading or unloading of fuel begins. These state-of-the-art features significantly reduce the chance of spills - saving the customer money - and protecting the environment.

We have to admit, this ongoing project has been one of our most challenging, but also one of the coolest!

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SunPharm Product


Our SunPharm product is an enterprise-level pharmaceutical quality control inventory system. Among other tasks, it performs pharmaceutical dispensing through integration with QS1.


The system contains direct interfaces to the Federal Drug Administration, Redbook, UPS, FedEx, and medical hardware integrations such as re-packing machines and GS1 bar-code scanners.  The system utilizes biometrics for security.  This product is utilized by state agencies and other medical institutions.  For a demonstration, please give us a call.

SunPharm major modules include:​

  • Nurse Issuance

  • Inventory Management 

  • Inventory Quarantine Tracking

  • Budget Allocation

  • Refill Home Delivery

  • Medicaid Reimbursement

  • Pharmaceutical Repacking

  • Graphs & Reports

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