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Project Manager

Overall Expectations 

  • B.S. Degree or PMP 

  • Understanding of Project Management 

  • Excellent communication skills (meetings with clients-managing potentially difficult professional relationships & situations) 

  • Consistent attendance 



  • Associate Account Manager (if one exists) 

  • Oversee Business Analysts


  • Ensure that proper account management personnel are present and prepared to perform quality presentations to clients

  • Communicate regularly with VP of Project Management 

  • Oversee and assist in development of customers' needs analysis 

  • Ensure consistent communication with multiple customers 

  • Oversee the QA process for customers you are assigned. Ensure quality of projects coming out of development before they move to client beta 

  • Attend and participate in weekly staff meetings

  • Monitor daily Asana tasks and comment 


  1. Annual Salary

  2. Full Health & Dental, Vision, Life Benefits

  3. Paid Vacation & Holidays

  4. Profit Sharing



  • Perpetual customer satisfaction (by multiple customers)

  • Upsell existing customers through excellent analysis and customer service 

  • Identify, and capitalize upon, opportunities with existing customers 

  • Ensure quality 

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