TrueNet - Jacksonville. Telus - Canada

PCG works with forward-thinking telecommunication companies like (“TrueNet”), a Fujitsu Company, to convert, and maintain, enterprise-level systems like inspection dispatching.  PCG, in collaboration with TrueNet, developed a state-of-the-art, web-based application called TrueQ.  TrueQ also has an integrated mobile application that TrueNet utilizes daily for processing transactions throughout the U.S. and for its customers in Canada. 

TrueNet partners with companies to deliver engineering design expertise for broadband, wireless, and telecom. TrueNet’s clients are among the largest telecommunications companies globally. The TrueQ application combined two disparate and mission-critical databases for all TrueNet customers, allowing for considerable scalability and enhancements in workflow, while providing advanced security and improved tracking, communication, and quality control of inspections performed by field engineers - via the integrated mobile application. 

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