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Property Management.




PCG is the creator and owner of an online payments product for the property management industry called RAMSRent. RAMSRent is a proprietary, cloud-based application that allows tenants to make online rent payments either by check or credit card to their respective property managers.

To ensure efficient and accurate financial payment processing and monthly bank reconciliation, RAMSRent contains two critical merchant service interfaces. These two Application Programming Interfaces (“APIs”) are with national merchant service and financial gateway providers, one with Authorize.Net and the other with USAePay. RAMSRent allows credit card and ACH (eCheck) payments to be seamlessly processed by property managers.

RAMSRent is Payment Card Industry “PCI” compliant.

RAMSRent continues to be supported by internal PCG staff for our existing customers, however we are no longer accepting new customers for this aging product.

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